[Bookstoprisoners] Books to Prisoners Web Site Launch

Jay Schubert jay.schubert at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 10:24:47 CDT 2005



We have put some of the final pieces of the puzzle together and now have our
new web address working correctly.

www.books2prisoners.org <http://www.books2prisoners.org>

We now have a proper link on UCIMC.ORG <http://UCIMC.ORG> like the other
working groups, and the new domain name displays correctly. Our previous
address www.bookstoprisoners.ucimc.org<http://www.bookstoprisoners.ucimc.org>still
works and points to the same site, but
books2prisoners.org <http://books2prisoners.org> is short and sweet.

I will be making some updates to the site (re: jail library launch and
pictures) this weekend and would then like to do some kind of public
launchnext week. Any ideas about things that could be added and / or
how to
promote the site?
- Jay
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