[Commotion-discuss] Brick or Nanostation?

Anderson Walworth anderson at alliedmedia.org
Fri Jan 10 19:59:24 UTC 2014

Hey yesterday I upgraded a Nano on the roof of AMP (via ethernet/web
interface)  from DR2 to 1.0 and then lost contact with it.
I tried to go into TFTP mode (with the special reset button POE) held the
button in for 8 seconds and still no ping. I also had something similar
happen when upgrading another Nano from DR 1 to DR2. In both instances I
only have access to the POE.

I could better troubleshoot if I had physical access but the snow is making
me wait.
Just wondered if anyone experienced this before or if maybe someone quick


xoxo Anderson Walworth

Allied Media Projects
Detroit Digital Justice Coalition
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