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Josh King jking at chambana.net
Wed Dec 9 10:21:42 EST 2015

Hey Mikhail,

The Linux packages are currently out-of-date. We've had to step back
from Linux desktop packages in favor of focusing on the OpenWRT
firmware, and we'll most likely be removing those packages in a future
website update. You have a couple of options here:

You can install OLSRd on Raspberry Pi and configure the wireless and
addressing manually. This will allow the Pi to mesh with a Commotion
network, but it will be missing other features like local applications
and the Commotion web interface.

You could also build a Commotion router image for the Raspberry Pi.
This would essentially make the Raspberry Pi into a Commotion router
like any other. We intend to provide these images by default with a
future release, but I believe it should be possible to build one using
the Commotion Router github repository (https://github.com/opentechinst
itute/commotion-router). The trickiest bit is going to be including the
appropriate wireless drivers for your particular USB stick.

I can provide more information if you want to try tackling either of
these options.

On Tue, 2015-12-08 at 01:03 +0300, falanster.by wrote:
> Hello meshers,
> I gained dual wifi antenna 2.4/5GHz for raspberry pi and now I'm
> going
> to install mesh on the device as node as well as AP.
> Are there any trick or tutorial to do this?
> One more question. Do I need set up all the packages on linux from
> the list?
> https://downloads.commotionwireless.net/linux/
> Many thanks,
> Mikhail
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