[Cu-wireless] wireless equipment questions

David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Tue Apr 10 00:19:54 CDT 2001

I am going to set up an 802.11b network at home. There will be two
stations. The first, my Mac, with an Airport card installed.  The second
is a free variable, and that's why I'm writing for some advice.

I am considering buying a Cisco Aironet PC Card or Orinoco PC Card, since
most reviews rate these most highly.  I am having a hard time finding a
source for either of these, though, and I am wary of buying an Aironet
because I do not know if it accepts an external antenna.  Does anyone know
a source? Does anyone know if the Aironet accepts an external antennas?

(I've looked at the Cisco Web site which is just awful ... couldn't find
out anything about attaching external antennas.)

BTW, if others are interested in purchasing these cards, we might
purchase them at once, that way saving the money and natural resources
for shipping. I don't know if they get any cheaper when you buy in
greater numbers, though they might.


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