[Cu-wireless] Long-range-LAN Party on 8/13

Peter Folk pfolk at uni.uiuc.edu
Thu Aug 9 05:54:49 CDT 2001

I have recently discovered an immediate need for a long-range high-speed link,
and I need it by 8/21.  Towards that end, I will be building and testing one,
two, or three varieties of cheap, directional antennas for 802.11b/DS, and
testing how they work with the stock antenna and Lucent's 5db omni-directional

In particular, I'll be trying to build at least one each of the antennas
described at the following addresses:

 * http://www.wwc.edu/~frohro/Airport/Primestar/Primestar.html
 * http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/448
 * http://users.bigpond.net.au/jhecker/

Sound like fun?  Come and help!  The venue is TBD, but the party will begin
on the evening of Monday, 8/13.  If you just want to observe or help, then all
you need to bring is yourself, a couple bucks for pizza, and (if you want) a
computer---a laptop is best, and a PCMCIA slot is required.  If you want your
own antenna, then you should bring supplies for the one(s) you want to build.
I'll be getting my own supplies shortly so if you want to build one too, we
can buy in bulk and split the cost: you should contact me *today* at 877-829-0578!
If you have any special tools that might be helpful, I'd like to hear about
them ASAP too.

Once we get the antennas built, I have lots of 802.11 toys we can use to
test them.  If nothing else, this is a good chance to try out the technology
if you haven't used it before.

We shouldn't clutter the list with organizational details, so please email
me privately if you want to be kept up to date on the meeting's location and
time.  Venue suggestions will be greatfully accepted,


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