[Cu-wireless] Antennas, more ideas and a big score

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First of all, I hope that no one has hacksawed that chunk of PVC pipe yet; we may not need it.  What about sealing the pringles cans with epoxy?  That would weatherproof the antenna and make it more rigid at the same time.  for mounting, we could U-bolt the whole tube to whatever we wanted.  This is basically the same technology that I use to mount my homemade <a href="http://www.aaa.org/articles/atm/copyscope/">Copyscope</A>.  I'll bring the copyscope to the next meeting as a demonstration of what I'm talking about.
	In other news, I've scored another microwave dish antenna for the club.  This one is a professional grade dish antenna that used to be used by a financial company to receive stock ticker and other relevant info via a satellite network.  The financial company no longer rents from my landlord, but left the dish on the roof.  Since they left it behind, it's now my landlords' property to dispose of, and they're  willing to give it to me.
	The antenna is circular, approximately 1 meter in diameter, painted white/beige and of circa 1985-90 manufacture.  I'll send more info as it developes.

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