[Cu-wireless] Dec. 30, 2001 meeting?

Sascha Meinrath meinrath at uiuc.edu
Sat Dec 29 23:44:17 CST 2001

just curious if we're meeting tomorrow (dec 30th).  i just got back this 
evening from san diego i will be at my house (604 s. race street) at 
1:30.  so if folks want to come along and continue with the master 
plan.  you're all invited to join me.  currently, we have one router almost 
completely ready to go, we have another router that needs some final setup 
but could be ready to go by the end of the day.  we have enough wireless 
cards and antennas to connect the two routers.  we could have a working 
node (our first thus far) set up by the end of the day -- just depends on 
who shows up.

hope to see you tomorrow,


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