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Zachary C.Miller wolfgang at wolfgang.groogroo.com
Tue Mar 27 16:28:34 CST 2001

> Wolfgang, I am very interested in making inroads for commercial use of
> fixed wireless internet access in the CU area and surrounding towns.  I
> recently bought AdvanceNet who already has some level of activity and
> customers connected.
> Tell me more about your group, its purpose and what resources it has
> that may make sense to put with my firm.  
> Thank you,

The goal of CU Wireless is to create a community public access
wireless network in Champaign-Urbana by creating a free access
cooperatively owned wireless backbone of nodes throughout the area
with overlapping coverage areas. Individuals or organizations will
fund their own nodes, a node will have wireless ethernet capacity and
routing software and will pass packets to other nearby nodes. Some
nodes may provide a limitted gateway to the internet depending on the
capability of the node owners. Node owners may set their own
parameters as far as how much of their total bandwidth they are
donating to free community access. All hardware will be consumer grade
off the shelf PCs. All software will be open source free (as in
speech) software such as Linux. 

How could AdvanceNet be involved in this project? A great way to
increase interest in wireless technology might be for AdvanceNet to
donate some equipment and/or internet bandwidth to our project when it
gets off the ground. This would be a huge contirbution to the
community and would make "going wireless" a easier step for many
individuals who might be wary of how useful the technology is. And
what would be in it for AdvanceNet is that if you were to donate say a
total of 256Kbps of bandwidth (or whatever) to the entire community
project that would be a great boon for the community but would not be
sufficient for power users. You could offer some upgrade path where if
people pay for more bandwidth they can get access to more bandwidth
through you. So they can "try before they buy" on the public community
network and then the real power users can upgrade to your pay
service. Also we could make sure that AdvanceNet got suitable billing
as a major supporter of the project.

We take as inspiration the wireless project in Seattle and the
consume.net project in the UK:


CU Wireless is in the spirit of WEFT Community Radio (Volunteer
Operated, Listener Supported) and the Urbana-Champaign Independent
Media Center.

CU Wireless is an organization that is in its most early possible
formative stages. Our assets are only our ideas and inspiration. Right
now we are just in a "gathering interest and watching the technology
develop" mode. We aim to get the project off the ground with actual
working nodes by September.

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