[Cu-wireless] Antennas and lines of sight (LOS)

Peter Folk pfolk at gargtech.com
Wed Nov 14 11:01:55 CST 2001

>Hello everyone,
>	I've spent quite a bit of time scoping out my building and neighborhood
>for line of sight to anywhere in Champaign-Urbana.  About the only tenative
>LOS I could find is what appears to be some kind of communication tower WSW
>of me in Champaign.

What we were discussing Sunday seemed to be basically putting up
low scattered towers around town.  If you can't see a 100' tower
from the ground or roof of your apt, you will very likely be able
to see it from your *own* 100' tower =)

Stephane, do those arial photos have enough information to generate
a height/topo-map of CU including trees and houses?

>	In perusing my neighborhood, I found out that one of my neighbors
>has an old PrimeStar TV dish on his balcony.

Cool!  With appropriate prodding I can get another before the next
meeting I'm at (three Sundays hence).


>best regards,
>Mark Lenigan

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