[Cu-wireless] cu wireless planning meeting

Zachary C. Miller wolfgang at wolfgang.groogroo.com
Wed Oct 31 14:23:40 CST 2001

Sascha and I have been brainstorming about CU Wireless for a few days
now and we've decided it is time to start taking some action.

Anyone who wants to talk about getting this CU Wireless thing off the
ground lets meet at Sascha's place (604 S. Race, Urbana, 384-5346) at
1:30pm on this Sunday.

Our immediate goal is to research, fuundraise for, purchase, and build
2 wireless nodes for testing purposes. We'll move these nodes around
town to the locations of various key allies or potential allies
(e.g. our houses, the IMC, OJC, etc) and do range testing, performance
testing, stability testing, and to work out the various protocols and
routing schemes neccessary for routing to the internet (through my
DSL, through OJC's T1, through IMC's DSL, etc).

We aim to have our test nodes operational by January 1 and to have a
full fledged beta test network up by April. 

Let's get together and talk about this on Sunday!

If people could pull together any information they can get on the
price of wireless network equipment and systems that are deployed in
other cities that would be great.

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