[Cu-wireless] (no subject)

Chris Kaniuka CKaniuka at amdocs.com
Thu Sep 27 10:17:47 CDT 2001

good morning!

i am VERY interested in being involved in the FREE wireless network
movement. i am a computer geek. i work with computers for a living so i know
my around computers. i also live in champaign and work for a local
communications related company. 

can you let me know how i can get involved in this? how far along are you?
is there anything that has been put into place yet? 

i've spoken with mcleod about a symetric dsl connection and asked them what
type of traffic is banned and they said that as long as the FBI doesnt show
up asking that your connection be shut off, they dont care what you do with
the line that you lease from them. they have connections all the way up to a
true 3 megs a sec with bonded routers. this could be a start to providing
public networking. 

i'm nuts about this idea and i'd really like to see it happen. please get
back to me.


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