[Cu-wireless] update

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Tue Dec 24 01:16:21 CST 2002

On Sunday Ivan and I surveyed his house. On his second floor, there
was a "sweet spot" where we received Zach's station at -71dBm, which
is not so bad. (For comparison, the LinkSys radio has -80dBm receive
sensitivity. Peter Miller's receives IMC at a feeble -79dBm.)  I expect
that the signal will be stronger on Ivan's chimney.

Ivan's is a strategic install, because from his house we can reach oodles
of his neighbors. I would like for us to install there, next.

Tonight, Perry and I surveyed the third floor at his building to see
if we could pick up Sascha's node. We could not receive anything at
all. We also tried from his neighbor's fire escape, which is a little
nearer Sacsha's house. (*) Still nothing.

I have a feeling that it will make a difference for Perry if we move
Sascha's antenna from midway up his roof to a mast on his chimney. That
is something we can do early in the new year. If that does not help,
we should look for a subscriber somewhere between Sascha's and Perry's.

Something else to do in the new year is to drop a ground wire from the
box at the IMC to the utility ground. Also, tilt the antenna at IMC
(back?) to vertical.


* At many student apartments, the "railings" on the outdoor staircases
  and the fire escapes are too short to protect a garden gnome from
  tumbling over the edge. Also, who ever heard of climbing down an iron
  ladder to escape a fire? Ooo oww ooo owww owww.

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