[Cu-wireless] OJC node: almost there

David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Sun Feb 10 03:09:08 CST 2002

Certainly I give technical support for the OJC node. It's just important
that no one thinks OJC, the business, will fill in for me under any
circumstances---not even to toggle a power switch. That does not mean
that you cannot rely on any OJC employee who you personally know.

Sorry if my previous message on the list sounded like pre-emptive
finger-wagging. Because OJC is a peculiar company, sometimes it has
had to remind people that we really are a business whose resources are
dedicated to business purposes, first.  It is usually embarrassing for
the reminder and the "remindee" when these reminders are made. So that
there will be no confusion, I wanted to be up-front about OJC's official
NON-relationship to our project. =)


that On Sun, Feb 10, 2002 at 07:55:39AM +0100, niteshad at whopper.de wrote:
> Dave,
> 	Considering the fact that you're root on the OJC wireless node, wouldn't
> _you_ be Technical Support for that node?  At one of the earlier meetings,
> we discussed how nodes should be run, with the consensus being that the owner
> of the wireless node sets the policy for that node.  To me, this still
> seems the best, most realistic method.  Only the node owner is paying for the
> bandwidth (the rest of us are basically leeching) therefore the node owner
> determines how much of the uplink and downlink bandwidth the wireless users are
> allowed to use, and any other constraints of the network from that
> location.   
> Just my two cents,
> Mark
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