[Cu-wireless] OJC node #2

David Young dyoung at onthejob.net
Sat Feb 16 18:14:41 CST 2002

So I finally got my D-Link DWL-520 to work with NetBSD. I think that
what fixed it was borrowing missing delay loops from FreeBSD.

The DWL-520 is a PCI-only adapter that costs about $82 with mail-in
rebate. So if you aim to put more than one wireless card in a ordinary
PC, you will save using this instead of a PC Card and PC Card adapter.

The DWL-520 ships with drivers for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, but I could not
get the Windows 2000 box in our office to detect it. The green 'power'
light on the card would not even light.

The second node I cannot make a community node, but it is a valuable
test platform.


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