Sascha Meinrath meinrath at uiuc.edu
Wed Feb 20 10:14:22 CST 2002

hi all,

this saturday (the 23rd) starting at 10a.m. the IMC will be holding
another workday to prep the back-back room.  and i'm sure you're wondering
"why should i care?"  aside from altruism, the fact that you'd be helping
a good local organization, the fact that much of the equipment we're using
for the wireless project belongs to the IMC, and i know where you live,
the sooner the back-back room is done, the sooner we'll have a clear space
to store our equipment.

in all sincerity folks, there's a LOT to do this Saturday and we could
sorely use any help we can get to get the space finished.  if you are
available, please think about helping out (and e-mail me if you can make
it).  to entice folks, we'll have fresh-brewed coffee and fresh-baked
bread, fruit and other delectibles, and yes, even beer for those feeling
the post-friday hair-of-the-dog.

please let me know if you can help,



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