[Cu-wireless] No meeting tonight (with a Special Word about next week's seminar)

niteshad at whopper.de niteshad at whopper.de
Thu Jun 20 02:01:49 CDT 2002

Greetings everyone,

	Up until a few moments ago, according to our website, a general meeting
was scheduled for this evening.  The website was incorrect in this
announcement as our General Meetings are bi-weekly.  I have amended the website to
correct this error.
	Next week, when there actually _will_ be a general meeting, I will be
leading the seminar.  As the beginning of my series of wireless physics talks,
I will be starting off with the basics of the Electromagnetic spectrum, EM
waves, and hopefully, some basic properties of optics.  If there is enough
time and interest, the optical properties that I hope to cover are refraction,
reflection, diffraction and interference.  These, along with a few more
advanced concepts, to be covered at a later date, are the basic ways in which
microwaves, radio, light and all other electromagnet radiation can interact
with both other EM radiation and matter.
	The seminar will be held at a relatively general level, with no calculus
involved, some algebra, and much conceptual theory.  At this point, I will
be grounding the seminar in classical physics, which means no quantum
mechanics, and no Maxwell's equations of Electromagnetism (even though they are
technically "classical physics" they can't really be dealt with meaningfully
without 3-D vector calculus.)  Hopefully, this should be a refresher for
anyone who took a physics course in high school, or an intro physics course in

best regards,


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