[Cu-wireless] 802.11B DISCOUNTS

Jeffrey Holewinski jeffh at aceinternetsolutions.com
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I have been ordering wireless supplies from FAB CORP for quite some time and
I assure the group that they are a great source for all the supplies we
need.  They have a huge selection of items and very reasonable prices.  They
have always been a pleasure to work with.  I highly recommend them.

Jeff Holewinski, President
Ace Internet Solutions

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 Hello - My name is Sean Fleeman I am the founder of www.fab-corp.com (FAB
Corp AKA Fleeman Anderson & Bird) we are a full line distributor of 2.4 GHz
WLAN equipment - I did not see anything listed on your site, however I
wanted to pass some information on to you.

We are a fairly new company in the wireless arena - and have already started
to make a place for ourselves.  One thing that we do is we are proactive in
working with wireless user groups such as your own to offer its members
discounts over our listed web site pricing.  If you have a preferred vendor
list or some other type of list of links we would like to know if you would
be willing to include us in this?

Again we will offer anyone identifying themselves as a CHAMPAIGN-URBANA
member a discount simply by placing an order and putting that they are a
member in the comments field of their orders... they do not need to set up
an account, there is no minimum order.

Please let me know if this is something that would be of interest to you!

Sean Fleeman

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