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Scott Parrish admin at chicagoarea.net
Tue May 7 17:32:43 CDT 2002

Maybe it would make sense to load PHP-Nuke on that server then?
It is a pretty quick setup and already provides a lot of the functionality.
I have a development site set up at nuke.chicagoarea.net I'll fire that
server up so you can peruse it in a few minutes... Note: I don't think mail
services are set up on that machine, but you wander the anonymous areas...

Zachary C. Miller wrote:

> > Is anyone willing to spring for the domain, and would you mind letting
> > me move the site to one of my servers? Then I could steal some ColdFusion
> > of PHP code for one of my commercial sites and redress it for CU-WIRELESS.
> I'd rather keep it hosted on my site because lots of the potential
> content providers already have accounts on my system, also my system
> will be available to the wireless network itself from the get go which
> is a nice feature. I support PHP on my site. I'd rather the site not
> use proprietary technology such as ColdFusion because when/if someone
> else takes over admining the site they may not have it available.
> cuwireless.net is owned by one of my coworkers (who is interested in
> the wireless project but doesn't come to meetings) and I haven't
> convinced him to give it to us yet. cu-wireless.net is owned by peter
> folk (who is peripherally involved in our wireless group) and no one
> has asked him to relinquish it yet.
> I can host any domain that we choose to buy.
> > Also, what would members like to add to the site???
> We need to put up any policy proposals that we agree on or are working
> on. We need to put up links to interesting things that have been
> posted to our mailing list. It would be nice to run a wiki for at
> least part of the site. We need to post schedules of all upcoming
> meetings, including a schedule of upcoming seminars. We need to
> develop a web interface for all our database stuff (node data,
> stumbler data) and some mapping/visualization stuff would be nice. We
> need to post data from teh antenna design group. There's a lot to do
> but mostly we need the actual content from the people working on these
> projects.
> > BTW: GAD! THAT IS GREEN!!  : )
> Feel free to change it. It is gnasty.
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