[Cu-wireless] Embedded Linux Wi-Fi Mesh Router On Sale (Slashdot)

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Sun Nov 3 03:45:04 CST 2002

Their approach is like ours in lots of ways.  They get a default route
with DHCP, they assign random numbers to the wireless interface from
10/8, etc.

They are different in that AODV is their routing protocol, and they assign
client numbers from 192.168.1/24. They use VPNs somewhere for security.

I am sort of curious about what else they are doing, but I don't have
the patience to try to find substance in their website.

Someone should download their CD and figure out how it works.


On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 01:35:30AM -0600, Zachary C. Miller wrote:
> I had assumed that the moment this came up on slashdot that you all
> would have been talking about this but Sascha said he hadn't heard
> about it. So here it is:

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