[Cu-wireless] agenda tonight

niteshad at whopper.de niteshad at whopper.de
Thu Nov 7 15:32:31 CST 2002

I'll be at the meeting tonight, however, due to Cisco CCNA classes, I will
probably be showing up around 8:00pm or a little later.  Therefore, I offer
my lone vote of dissent to the pizza quorum.  As usual, I will be carrying
my 'special reserve' of dried ground Habanero peppers (possibly in violation
of Illinois law and international chemical weapons treaties ;).  If anyone
want to really spice up his pizza a little later in the evening, let me know.

Since were now officially affiliated/etc. with the IMC, have we given any
thought to advertising our presence on their community bullitin board (the
physical, IRL kind) or in the _Public_I_?  Our ad could be very simple.  A
monochrome map of downtown Urbana, with our present coverage areas, and
highlighted circles in the regions of Urbana where we are seeking nodes to build
out the network, along with a brief statement concerning our objectives and
URL would suffice.  

I add the above as my contribution to the early part of the meeting.



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