[Cu-wireless] PrismII/Linksys WPC11 on Soekris Net4521

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Fri Oct 4 14:38:21 CDT 2002

Graphing the coverage area would be great!  Dave and I are hoping to
install the IMC's node (this will be the first ammo can deployment)
tomorrow (we've alloted 5 hours for it, so we're hopeful).  In this case,
the coverage area may be greatly expanded.


On Fri, 4 Oct 2002 stephane at shimaore.net wrote:

> Sascha & Dave,
> Thanks for the details.
> > For a graphical display of the existing network see:
> > http://www.ucimc.org/newswire/display_any/7734
> Just what I wanted! 8)
> > [Note that the IMC will also soon be joining (which is located right
> > where the map scale is in the upper right corner of the map).]
> Fair enough.
> I'll be testing the Soekris board in that area, just to see what happens.
> I'm especially interested in how OSPF reacts when moving around.
> If I have time I'll spend a couple hours cruising around to map the
> coverage, too (unless a good soul already went out and did it). That'll
> probably be on Sunday, if anybody is interested (I don't care about rain,
> be warned).
> Stephane

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