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Subject: [Cu-wireless] HUMANITARIAN GSETURE

This letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not
yet met,but kindly consider the message, because, I am determined to live
for posterity.

I wish to plead with you to join me in not only serving humanity, but to
also benefit in the process. This message could be strange but reality will
definitely dawn on you, if you pay some attention
to it's contents. I would'nt have notified you but for the sake of  your
integrity and goodwill.Please accept my sincere apologies. In bringing this
message to you, I have to say that I have no intentions of causing you any
personal pains or discomfort.

I am Tobi Doe the elder brother to the late Liberian President Samuel Doe,
who was murdered by the then rebel leader Charles Taylor, now Liberian
President Samuel Doe, in his bid to fend off rebel insurgency,put in my
care, the sum of $12,300,000(twelve million, three hundred thousand dollars)
for the purchase of arms and ammunitions, to counter rebel attacks. But
unfortunately, we could not purchase these arms before he was killed. This
money is still being kept in trunk boxes in  a secret location and just the
two of us knew about it until he was killed. I could not get in touch with
any arms dealer before my brother was killed. I have since held on to these
trunk boxes, which I was able to transport out of Liberia with the aid of
ECOMOG soldiers/Diplomatic passsage under the guise conveying my personal
effects without anybody knowing.

I am presently residing in Mhlambanyatsi in Swaziland and work as a
consultant on inter-regional cooperation. I have borne the burden for too
long. I do not want to keep the funds any longer, but I can never turn it
over to the brutal and tyrannical rogue regime of Charles Taylor, is still
comitting all sorts of atrocities on the liberian people. I am not solicitng
for your help to wage a war against the regime, but to act as a foreign
partner, to allow me transfer the funds
to you, and in turn donate a portion of it as humanitarian gesture to the
Liberian people by
purchasing such essential needs like blankets, milk and so on from the money
after deducting your expenses and comission of 20%.Please note that I could
have approached the Red Cross Society, but I changed my mind on that after
calculating what they would deduct as comission, and also, after
rationalising the scandal that followed their
mismanagement of the donations meant for the victims of the september 11th
attack on the United States.

Also note that this offer will give you a double-edged advantage :
1. as the benefactor of the Liberian people and;
2. the comission you stand to earn.

On getting a positive response from you, I will send to you the modalities
for processing the necessary documenations that will facilitate your
securment of the funds from the Security company where the funds are kept
for safe keeping. Please note that confidentiality and honesty are
rules in this transaction. Be assured that I am a reputable personality in
this country and I am mindful of the legal implications of this
transaction, as I intend taking care of all the legal documentations for a
successful and hitch-free transaction. You will be expected to take delivery
of the consignment, personally from the deposit company in Europe. With the
password and informations
that I will give you, together with the Power of Attorney, you would then
proceed to the security firm, as these will facilitate your collection of
the consignment. The consignment containing the USD$12,300,000.00 will be
released to you in the two large trunk boxes.

I am therefore soliciting your help to have this money collected by you and
transfered into your account,as we would give you the neccesary
documentations to facilitate your collection of the consignment personally
in Europe.

Thank you very much for your time and understanding.

Yours sincerely,
Tobi  Doe

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