[Cu-wireless] software update

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Mon Oct 14 17:42:58 CDT 2002


I have added some features to the bootable CD-ROM. I submit these changes
as an amendment to the network design. Tell me what you think.

1 On boot, the CD-ROM will try to find a gateway on each ethernet
  interface by sending DHCP requests for up to 10 seconds on each such
  interface.  Only DHCP replies with the 'routers' property (indicating
  one or more gateways) are accepted. If any gateway is detected, then the
  CD-ROM assigns the IP number given by the DHCP reply to the interface,
  and it NATs 10/8 on the interface.

  In the ospfd.conf, I think you need to add

    router ospf
      default-information originate

  The CD-ROM will not run the DHCP daemon on any ethernet interface
  where it finds a gateway.

  Wireless interfaces are not eligible for this process, since we cannot
  control who gives us a gateway on wireless.

  On every ethernet where there is not a gateway, the CD-ROM runs the
  DHCP daemon as usual.

2 I reserve the first wireless interface to participate in the ad hoc
  network. Second, third, and subsequent interfaces will operate as access
  points on channel 6 w/ SSID cuw-client. The access points run the DHCP
  daemon. This is in response to a feature request from a station host.

3 I use much more current NetBSD sources. I do not use the 1.6 release; I
  use the more recent -current sources, which possess improved wireless
  support, thanks to patches by Atsushi Onoe and yours truly.

I think it will be useful for diagnostics if every station with
a gateway---or every station, period---will make an IP tunnel between
itself and a central server, so that we can reach stations on the network
in spite of 10/8 being NAT'd onto the Internet.

I have produced a software version suitable for a Soekris net4521.

I could use a bug tracker for this project. Also, a CVS repository. And
a server to tunnel into. Anyone?

Sascha and I will post a CD-ROM and 64MB CompactFlash image on the Web
site tonight.


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dyoung at ojctech.com      Engineering from the Right Brain
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