[Cu-wireless] Extremely Important

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Fri Oct 18 19:31:52 CDT 2002

Hmm.  I have of course received dozens of similar letters
claiming to be from Nigeria.  I've gotten nearly a
dozen claiming to be from relatives of Mobutu from Congo.
My dad actually met with Mobutu a couple of times, so
I might have thought that there was a slight chance of
it being legitimate if I hadn't been innoculated by the
letters from Nigeria.  I've gotten some claiming to be
from South Africa and from the Ivory Coast.  This was the
first one from Sierra Leone.  

You'd think they'd try to avoid mailing lists because it
just gives away the fact that it is spam.  And since this
list is now being hit by spam, perhaps it needs to change
to a members-only list.

-Ralph Johnson

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