[Cu-wireless] I would be interested in attending the next meeting.

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Tue Oct 22 06:11:28 CDT 2002

>It's times like these that I wish East Central Illinois had a bit 
>more geoligical relief than it does.  

Two ideas.

First, eventually we want to cover all of town.  So, there will be
lots of stations between you and downtown Urbana.  You don't have
to talk all the way to downtown, you just have to talk to your
neighbor.  It might be more cost-effective to start your own
little hub and then try to grow it south, while the downtown
Urbana region is growing north.

Second, what we need are tall buildings with flat roofs.  Then
we don't need to build very big towers to get over the trees.
It occurred to me that schools are perfect for this.  They are
almost always at least two floors, and have flat roofs.  It might
be possible to get grant money to connect the schools, and then
we would have nodes all through towns.  The network could grow
out from the schools.


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