[Cu-wireless] WMP11 and NetBSD

Darin Riggs riggsdr at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 9 22:37:34 CDT 2002

Hi everyone!

I'm one of Ralph Johnson's minions at th U of I tyring to put together part 
of a wireless network in Champaign. Ralph got us some Linksys WMP11's to use 
and we've been told to use NetBSD to comply with you guys. Ralph said the 
WMP11 should work, but it doesn't seem to be directly supported by the 
NetBSD folks. We were just wondering if you had cracked that shell, or if 
there had been some misunderstanding. BTW, I got NetBSD to work with a 
Lucent/WaveLAN setup. Thanks for the help.

Darin Riggs

"America is like our team. If you're not going
to root for the team, then get the hell out of
the stadium!"  --Stanley Marsh, South Park, CO

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