[Cu-wireless] good link @ IMC

David Young dyoung at ojctech.com
Sat Sep 28 13:52:51 CDT 2002

Sascha and I risked life and limb today to test another link on the
wireless network. =) We verified that we can link from the rooftop at the
Indymedia Center to Peter Miller's apartment building on Green Street.
We used an 8dBi omni with a Lucent WaveLAN card.

Mike Lehman graciously lent us his laptop.

It is great to have IMC on the network, because it has a broadband
connection. Also, from IMC's rooftop we can reach more downtown businesses
and some homes.

We will probably use an ammo can router on the IMC's rooftop, to prevent
an enormously long run of LMR-400.


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