[Cu-wireless] CU Wireless/OJC Partnering: PLEASE READ!

Perry Melange pmelange at null.cc.uic.edu
Mon Aug 11 11:26:03 CDT 2003

Sounds like an excellent partnership to me

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On Mon, 4 Aug 2003, Sascha Meinrath wrote:

> Hi all,
> After months of negotiations, OJC Technologies is willing to come on board
> as a parter on the Community Wireless Project.  Here's what OJC is willing
> to give us to get things started:
> 1. WebEasel website design tool -- it's currently being sold to
> non-profits for $1700, but we can get it to spiffy up our website.
> 2. 10 Hours of Professional Website Design and Development -- which
> usually runs $750 for OJC clients.
> 3. Grant Proposal and Research Proposal Writing -- OJC will help with
> proposal writing to help support the Community Wireless Project.
> 4. Space at OJC for Wireless Development Laboratory -- we sort of already
> do this ad hoc, but this would formalize the agreement.
> 5. Development Machine -- which would allow many more folks to develop
> our software since we'd have a dedicated machine.
> 6. CVS Respository -- for development purposes.
> 7. BUGZILLA -- web-based software for tracking problem reports.
> [the above two would be nice since we'd have OJC sysadmins taking care of
> setup and maintenance]
> 8. Phone Number -- so we could have a permanent contact number.
> 9. Meeting Space -- again, formalizing the use of a resource we've been
> using on-and-off for awhile.
> I think this partnership will help get us much more organized and will
> greatly aid our system development and open up new resources for the
> project.  In return, OJC is asking that we say that the Community Wireless
> Project is being developed "in partnership with OJC Technologies" and that
> OJC is "the development home of the CU Community Wireless Project."
> Unless folks who are working on this project have objections, I'd like to
> say "O.K." to this agreement.  So please post your thoughts, concerns,
> support, etc.  If there are no major concerns by the end of the week I'll
> let OJC know we're agreeing to the partnership.
> Onward!
> --Sascha
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