[Cu-wireless] specs for a compile server, anyone?

Madhur Nigam nigam at students.uiuc.edu
Wed Aug 27 11:05:54 CDT 2003

i would say get a cheap dell computer and then look for deals on ram. this
way no one works on making the computer and we get a good computer too.

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> I am trying to produce a budget to buy an x86 server to host CUW
> development.  It needs to have fast disks, a fast CPU, and plenty of RAM.
> It will be headless, so a cheap video card is ok. What will a pretty
> good system cost? Can somebody spec one out for me?
> BTW, if I have a spec in time, this could go into a grant application
> *today*.
> (OJC's offer of a PowerMac still stands, but adapting the build script
> to cross-compile will be a sink of time that I do not have.)
> Dave
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