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Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Sat Dec 13 12:05:23 CST 2003

hi all,

thought this might interest folks.


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First, congrats!  I think the CWN idea has languished in a lot of ways,
primarily because the larger geek community doesn't think much about
media, content and organizing.  Its great to see UC bringing all of
those things to bear.

> E.  Name Service


> CWN will write a UNIX daemon for the rooftop routers which re-advertises
> IETF Zeroconf services (e.g., printing, storage, and chat) across the
> whole network in a secure way. The station owner will control which
> services are advertised and which are not using a Web interface. The
> daemon will protect against name collisions, protect against spoofing
> and denial of service, and handle network merges. CWN will demonstrate
> peer-to-peer chat, file sharing, and Web serving over the rooftop
> network.

Not sure if you've seen this but Apple has an Open Source zeroconf mDNS
advertiser.  Check out mDNSResponder at:


In DC we use it for the wireless network in the building where our
office is to advertise our media server.  This, in conjunction with
daapd, makes it appear automatically in iTunes for people.

I think the daemon is probably the easy part.  Much harder will be
getting applications to use the services and deploying those
applications to end users, iTunes and iChat are the only apps I'm aware
of that use them.  I've heard that iChat uses the Jabber protocol when
its in local/mDNS mode, I think it would be great if yall funded Jabber
client development in this vein.

I'd love what your plans are for apps in this area, as that's where all
of this will ultimately get interesting.  I vote for a VOIP gateway
advertisement mechanism.


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