[Cu-wireless] updated CD-ROM image

David Young dyoung at pobox.com
Wed Feb 5 22:08:48 CST 2003

CD-ROM Update
------ ------

I have updated the CD-ROM image on the Web site. It fixes show-stopping
bugs that were in the last image. If you tried the last CD-ROM and you
were disappointed, give this one a shot.


I converted my Python scripts either to shell or to C, so the heavyweight
Python interpreter, its libraries, and its dependencies are gone.

I have used the NetBSD System Packages to trim the default NetBSD install
by several megabytes.

I squashed many bugs in the wireless driver for Prism II/2.5 radios.
I also fixed a bug in NetBSD that would cause it to keel over when it
a new local route collided with an old remote route.

Update Bugs
------ ----

Some known issues with this CD-ROM are that it probably does not support
radios that are not based on the Prism II/2.5 chipset. Also, it is bigger
than I wish because of a bug in my script which leaves PERL, automake,
autoconf, and other unnecessary cruft installed. I do not remember if
this revision fixes the bug where a gigantic ospfd.log will fill up the
teeny-tiny /var partition, with bad results....

Soekris/CompactFlash Status
-------------------- ------

I will not provide images for the Soekris because there is no one image
I can produce which works on every 64MB CompactFlash geometry. But
keep reading....

Future Work
------ ----

I *will* provide the script and patches I use to create CD-ROM and
CompactFlash images. I feel like this urgently needs to happen so that
others have the development environment.  But I feel like so many things
in this project need urgently to happen, it is really overwhelming. =)


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dyoung at ojctech.com      Engineering from the Right Brain
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