[Cu-wireless] Configuring Lucent Orinoco card under Linux

Chase Phillips shepard at ameth.org
Fri Jan 3 16:59:26 CST 2003


I looked over your dmesg output and, as you've seen, the kernel is at
least finding (and initializing?) the card at boot.  Once you are able to
log-in, can you confirm that the authentication and association stages
completed successfully?  Have you been able to associate with the ap
without WEP?  What about 40-bit WEP?  As far as I know, the association is
all that's needed to allow proper network (read: dhcp) traffic.

Just in case you aren't aware, any 802.11b WEP crypto above 40-bit are not
defined in any standards.  Instead, hardware manufacturers have opted to
define these higher strength protocols independent of one another.  Lucent
claims 64- and 128-bit crypto while some Prism2 cards go for some other
incompatible protocol that claims about the same key length.  If you
haven't already, I'd verify that your wireless cards are using a
compatible WEP protocol when choosing a key length over 40 bits.  An
802.11b sniffer could help you diagnose any low-level protocol issues
you may be having.

Let me know what you find out.

Chase Phillips
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On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, Illustrious niteshad wrote:

> At Stephane's suggestion, I've finally installed a real operating system once again.  This time it's Slackware 9.0-beta.  After hacking around with iwconfig a bit, I've been able to get my laptop to recognize the card on boot.  Unfortunately, the card can't seem to find the DHCP server on my Access Point.  I'm running the AP on Channel 4 in Infrastructure Mode, 64-bit WEP enabled.  A copy of the output of dmesg on my laptop is attached for additional information.  Can somebody please tell me what I'm missing here?
> Thanks in Advance,
> Mark
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