[Cu-wireless] southern Illinois

pfolk at gargtech.com pfolk at gargtech.com
Fri Jan 10 01:03:40 CST 2003


There is a reason all the broadband offerings in C-U (and elsewhere)
are "crippled" in various ways: bandwidth costs money.  1.5mbps of
bandwidth (symmetric) costs $600-$700 most places in the nation.  If
you're paying less than that for something you think gives you that
much bandwidth, either you are wrong, you're being parasitic of other
users' bandwidth, or the company who's selling it to you is losing
money.  This is simple math.  No company can afford to have many
customers using a constant 1.5mbps, and only charge you $50, $100, or
even $200/mo.  Simple math also reveals the two ways a company can
make bold claims but still have low prices: either oversell bandwidth
or impose hidden limits.  I don't know of any DSL or cable companies
that do not do BOTH of these, without even admitting it.

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