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Interesting thing about cellular phones, here.


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A real problem is not with the airplane, but also with the fact that 
each cell phone on a plane will hit many cell sites and make a mess.  
You can experience the same thing by taking a cell phone up on one of 
the ridges overlooking silicon valley.  Lots of signal, but can't make 
calls until you back away a few feet from the overlook (and masking 
some of the sites).  Being overhead is outside the design of the cell 

Back in the late 80's with an analog cell phone in a private plane just 
a few thousand feet up my friend made a call.  Right after he hung up 
the phone rang and it was the cell phone company.  They asked him to 
not use his phone in a plane. They said something about him lighting up 
their system like a christmas tree when he asked them how they knew.


On Friday, Jan 17, 2003, at 12:54 US/Pacific, John M Stec wrote:

> that was my point ...
> bogus regulations of the FAA, supported by bogus 'science' of the 
> Airline
> Industry, results in this sort of thing, that is that RFI from cell 
> phones
> and/or blackberries will cause problems with flight ops. In fact all 
> recent
> tests done by FAA engineers failed to turn up any evidence of RFI 
> induced
> problems,
> In sum ... There is NO evidence whatsoever that cell phones interfere 
> with
> Airliner operation, but the Airlines maintain they 'might', but then 
> show
> the airlines how to make money from the passengers for use of wireless 
> and
> whoa ... concerns of RFI evaporate.
> how nice.
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> Aviation frequencies (both voice and nav) are 118MHz to 135MHz.
> Afaik no civil air use anything above 136MHz. Tower freqs are usually
> 118-121MHz.
> At 10:26 AM -0800 on 1/17/03, Raj Saxena wrote:
>> As long as your Blackberry radio is off you can still use it. Cell 
>> phones
>> definetly a  no no. But I don't know what aircraft communications 
>> talk at
>> 900,1800 or 1900?
>> Anybody have any idea on what frequencies an airplane uses? I know 
>> that
> they
>> use the 130-175mhz to talk to towers.
>> Raj
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