[Cu-wireless] wireless signal issue

Madhur Nigam nigam at students.uiuc.edu
Sun Jul 27 17:41:58 CDT 2003

hello all,

I have a dell inpiron 5100 with a Dell TrueMobile 1300 WLAN Mini PCI Card. Now until a few days back i was not receiving any signal for cu wireless system however 2-3 days back i got some routers from prof. ralph johnson's house (these routers are old computers with wireless card installed). they are setup to act like dhcp server and have linksys wmp11 wireless pci cards installed. i will refer to these as routers below. if anyone of you remember these are the same routers used by Aaron for senior thesis project.

my laptop is otherwise linked to a netgear router (which inturn is connected to my dsl modem provided by sbc).

now the most weird thing happening is that even after shutting down the router, i still get the cuw signal on my 
wireless card on my dell laptop.i cannot understand why even after shutting everything i should get the signal. although i can only send packets and not receive anything from the cuw signal that i get as i think the routers are not setup properly ( i am looking into this issue separately). this problem is persistent even after the routers are powered on. my llaptop can only send packets not receive anything from the routers.

also i know i am gettting cuw signal from the routers and not something else as when i run dhclient on the router in order to get ip address for the router, i start receiving and sending packets on my laptop where my laptop forwards the packets of the routers to my netgear router. 

any help regarding why i get signal of cuw even after shuttingdown the routers would be appreciated. 


PS i live on 308 e. white st. 
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