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This will be interesting in more ways than one.  If the British Aeronautical Regs are at all similar to the FAA's, those ballons will be in controlled airspace (i.e. at an altitude greater than 2000 feet)  Somehow, I kinda get an Irridium vibe from this business venture; there's insanely great, and then there's just plain insane.  Plus, when the 

At Penguicon, which I took great pains to attend, Eric S. Raymond spoke (to call it a lecture would be to trivialize its interactive nature, which was its hallmark) about "disruptive technologies" and their ultimate impact upon both society and business.  Perhaps its an obvious no-brainer, at least to the people on this list, but I think that wireless, whether it be 802.11B or some other protocol will likely be _the_ key disruptive technology of at least the next decade...OK, maybe it'll be tied with Linux/*BSD and Open/Free software and data codecs.  From the looks of things, wireless networks will be disrupting not only networks and the way in which we interact with the 'net, but also our transportation infrastructure, and, if we're not _exceedingly_ careful, our precious civil liberties.  ("Free Speech, not Tracking" is my mantra.)

just some random thoughts...

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> SkyLinc puts a base station on a balloons 1.5km high. They say they can
> serve all of the UK with just 18 base stations.
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/2932806.stm
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