[Cu-wireless] MIT Roofnet article at TechnologyReview.com

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ojctech.com
Tue Sep 2 17:41:59 CDT 2003

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, David Young wrote:

> The work-conserving thing to do is to continue with the CUW software,
> adding ETX to our OSPF routing, or producing an HSLS daemon with ETX.

do you have an estimate on about how long this would take to do?  also,
i'm starting the process of applying for the OSI grant -- i'm going to
need a bunch of breakdowns on a) what software improvements need to be 
built (and time estimates for each feature); b) what software improvements 
would be nice to have (and time estimates for each feature); c) any other 
major time sinks that creating the next generation of our software would 


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