[Cu-wireless] GRANTS: Wireless Grant Schedule & Info (April 17, 2004).

Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Sat Apr 17 03:44:57 CDT 2004

Hi everyone,

Here is a newly revised master list of upcomming grants for CUWiN.  Feel
free to look them over.  Anyone who's interested in working on these
should send me an e-mail.

NTIA Technical Opportunities Program Grant:
Here is a VERY relevant quote from call for proposals:
"NTIA is especially interested in applications of wireless technologies
including, but not limited to, WI-FI, unlicensed spectrum devices, and
projects demonstrating the potential application of 3rd generation or
Advanced Wireless Services."
Due April 27, 2004
Grant Team: Christian Sandvig, David Young, Sascha Meinrath

NSF -- Partnerships for Innovation:
Due May 17, 2004
Grant Team: Nitin Vadia, David Young, Sascha Meinrath

AT&T Community Connections Award
Due May 28, 2004
Grant Team:

NSF -- Small Business Innovation Research:
http://www.eng.nsf.gov/sbirspecs/IT/it.htm (additional info page)
Due June 9, 2004
Grant Team: ???

SBC -- Excelerator Grant:
(note: i've had trouble getting to this URL)
Due August 13, 2004

Let me know if you're interested in helping,


P.S.  These grants have already passed for the year:

IL -- Digital Divide Grant:
Due April 13, 2004
Grant Team: ???

NSF -- Programmable Wireless Networks:
Due April 14, 2004
Grant Team: ???

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