[Cu-wireless] Freenet wireless nodes

Todd Boyle tboyle at rosehill.net
Sat Apr 24 13:52:10 CDT 2004

The Freenet project is at http://freenet.sourceforge.net/
Dev. archives: http://dodo.freenetproject.org/pipermail/devl/index.html

Nobody has talked much about wireless freenets in their dev list

Although it is an obvious idea many people have talked
about http://www.google.com/search?q=community+wireless+anonymous+freenet

I guess the first question to ask, is whether the adoption of
CU-Wireless nodes in a community, would be positively or negatively
affected by including any given server application at all.

YMMV but I think the question is, what server application or
combination of applications, would enhance adoption?
There are so many possibilities
-  1-to-1 communication (IM, email, IP phone etc.) or
-  publishing (NNTP or web servers, blog servers, freenet)

In my studly opinion, the adoption of wireless nodes in a
community will be most rapid if it provides anonymous
distribution of very large files, i.e. video content.   That is
something people would buy off the shelf at the computer
store.  Freenet itself ensures that crappy content does not
propagate, and content produced by disreputable signatures
is progressively ignored by discriminating viewers.  Local
freenet hosts, with a few connections to freenets worldwide,
may achieve the design goals of the freenet project, and
make it easier for the initial buyers of mesh-freenet devices
to realise a positive experience, at points in time earlier
than critical mass is achieved in his local mesh community.

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