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Willy Smith willy at linuxgazette.com
Thu Apr 29 17:12:02 CDT 2004

On Thursday 29 April 2004 16:51, Chase Phillips wrote:
> Stephane,
> The MD5s of my iso.gz downloads from your site match what Zach lists
> below.  For all interested, the current list of downloads available from
> my mirror include:
>   http://cuwin.ameth.org/staboot-01-Apr-2004.iso.gz
>     MD5: 6e9e687601fc17f4f0e9a9dcab489ffa
>   http://cuwin.ameth.org/staboot-01-Apr-2004.iso.gz.torrent
>     MD5: 739aebf8a17c45ca6ed46c960fcb6feb
>   http://cuwin.ameth.org/istaboot-01-Apr-2004.iso.gz
>     MD5: 833f7ab78b12102416812d39a727b7e5
>   http://cuwin.ameth.org/istaboot-01-Apr-2004.iso.gz.torrent
>     MD5: 5dde5fb815e8fcffedbbfab4cc15f5cc
> Those managing the mirror list are free to add the above links to the
> current list of mirrored files.

Those links work great. I downloaded both the gzipped tarballs and they came 
in a 2 megabits/S, so each one took less than a minute. I'll put up the links 
on our site later, gotta run out for a couple of hours right now.


Willy Smith
Editor in Chief

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