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Sun Feb 8 02:50:13 CST 2004

talk to another, but most (all?) of the existing products do not have
the software to do it. A USR 2450 flashed with linux can.  Am I right?

Note that this project is being pushed by the Bay Area Wireless Users
Group, and I bet that lots of groups will use it and it will become
a standard of community internet users.

The USR 2450 is $219.95 according to the USR web site, and can 
connect up to 800 feet.  The USR advertising only mentions
Microsoft operating systems, but obviously this is irrelevant
if you are flashing it with Linux.

So, perhaps we should use this.  The thing that is so great about
it is that it comes with its own computer.  We could flash them
for people and then they'd just install them at home and they
would be on the air.  No fancy hardware, no antennas on your roof,
just another little box next to your computer.  All we'd have to
do is install one on every block in CU, and the community would be

-Ralph Johnson

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