[Cu-wireless] mesh-net ready AP's?

spamtanic at yahoo.com spamtanic at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 18:55:27 CST 2004

Just heard Paul R. mention (on WEFT MediaGeek live) a
big grant that cu-wireless has received to implement a
mesh net.  

What brands/models of AP's are "mesh-net ready", or
will those/any newly deployed be "roll yer own" style?

I remember skimming a detailed tech doc that
cuwireless hosted over a year ago, describing a
bare-bones 'nix-on-flashRAM board, mounted in an ammo
can.  Still gonna use those?

I also see Sascha and Dave have started a sourceforge
repository for software development, so this is going
to be primarily an open-source software scheme, using
"dumb" hardware (?)

Just generally curious, but coming up empty-handed
while looking for more info.  'S'all positive and
exciting news, nevertheless!  Saw mention of VOIP as
an option too.  Right on.


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