[Cu-wireless] Free Wireless Hotspots in CU?

Brian Foote foote at laputan.org
Fri Jan 16 11:55:39 CST 2004



We (Joe Yoder and I) are trying to assemble a list of businesses providing
free wireless access in CU and thereabouts. 

We know of five:


1) Café Paradiso (Lincoln Ave., Urbana)

2) Espresso Royale (Which locations?)

3) Sweet Besty’s (Philo Urbana)

4) Pho-Tran (University Ave., Urbana)

5) Green St. Coffee House (Green St., Champaign)


Joe’s (identical) list is at: http://culocalbiz.comhttp://culocalbiz.com


Pay for play?


Borders (N. Prospect) T-Mobile (how does this work?)


Whom did we miss?



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