[Cu-wireless] Atl IMC begins wireless project

David Young dyoung at pobox.com
Sun Jan 18 03:31:15 CST 2004

On Wed, Jan 14, 2004 at 05:50:26PM -0500, James Worthington wrote:
> Greetings All.
> We (Atl IMC) have begun a wireless project. It is still in it's
> infancy. In fact, the first router was installed last night, and the
> range does not extend beyond our space.
> So, our first priority is to extend this range via better antennas.
> What are your suggestions in this regard? What would be the anticipated
> range when mounted properly on a roof, etc?

It depends how tall the roof is, the distance to the next antenna,
the strength of the transmitter and the sensitivity of the receiver,
the gain of the antennas at both ends, etc. What are the conditions at
the sites you want to connect?

> What is the state of the software you are using/writing?
> What are the reasons to use the software available for download on your site?

The software we use lets us get a node up and running on our network very
quickly under the conditions that prevail in Urbana. We have won grant
monies to develop much better software; we will start that in February.

I cannot really speak about the usefulness of our software to Atlanta
IMC until I know what problems you are trying to solve. =)

> I should be on your mailing list, to stay up with your progress,
> if not, please add me.

You can join the list here,

> http://lists.cu.groogroo.com/cgi-bin/listinfo/cu-wireless


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