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Thomas Johnson tjohnson at patriotmaterials.com
Fri Jul 23 10:53:08 CDT 2004

Well, if the download page is what you call sources, I must be blind.  All I
see is CD images anc CF images.  Documentation lacks the meat of what is
needed to configure a node.  For example, when I boot a node all I get is a
blinking cursor.  So where is the documentation that tells you how to view
the OS and the log files?  Where is the documentation that tells you how to
change your BSSID?  Or what the default username and password are to get
into the thing?

Thomas Johnson

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> On Thu, 22 Jul 2004, Thomas Johnson wrote:
> > Useless distro....no source code for modification.  No documentation.
> Ummm...  on the project's website -- note the "Downloads" link as well as
> the "Technical Docs" link; the OSI link also contains detailed
> documentation on all the software modules, visualization, and kernel
> development as well as examples of HSLS, ETX, and visualization.  There
> are also links to the http://wireless.sourceforge.net development site
> which hosts our public CVS repository.
> If you're looking for something that isn't covered in these extensive
> documents, or a resource that we don't yet have online, just let us know.
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