[Cu-wireless] Re: phase iii network: v4/v6 addressing & Internet connectivity

Joe Pickert joe at castanet.com
Thu Mar 11 11:35:32 CST 2004

> A router will select a new gateway with some hysteresis: it will not
> choose a new gateway unless the gateway has a much better metric for a
> short time, or else a somewhat better metric for a long time. So that
> sessions that go through an old gateway are not needlessly terminated,
> a router will leave the tunnel to its old gateway open even after it has
> chosen a new gateway, and in the case of a 6to4 gateway, a router will
> leave the old IPv6 addresses on its interfaces. However, the default
> route will be changed to point through the new tunnel (this should not
> break existing sessions, since they will have host routes through the
> old tunnel), and new IPv6 aliases will be assigned (also should not
> break sessions, but I'm not as sure of it).

Any reason that you don't want to use a connection migration mechanism?  
Given the very long lived sessions that will be happening for multimedia
and other applications, it seems you might be maintaining connections
through routes already deemed suboptimal for very long periods of time.


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