[Cu-wireless] Information System

Stephane Alnet stephane at nospam.shimaore.net
Tue Mar 16 15:23:49 CST 2004

> I think that the wireless stations will not actively send out
> this data, rather they will run a lightweight daemon that would
> provide data only on request.  It will be up to the visualization
> agent to request the data.

If you go through the archives of the list you'll see that last fall we 
discussed a way to forward logs back to a central server using SMTP. 
That could be used to provide historical network adjacency information 
(how many times did a link flap, etc.) without the requirement for 
additional processes on the routers.

Regarding real-time information, the routers will provide routing 
updates on all their interfaces (at least in the current state of the 
project, using OSPF). So that could be used to directly obtain network 
topology information passively (=without having to query a router). In 
turns, reachability information can be obtained & collected using 
regular tools -- fping, mrtg.

I guess I'm just saying there are ways to collect the necessary 
information without having to heavily instrument the routers (embedded 
systems: Soekris = 486 CPU + 64MB RAM). Just an idea...


PS: Talking about "IT", is anybody looking into providing RT or 
something similar for the project??

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