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Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Thu May 6 16:06:58 CDT 2004

So here's a "for pay" community wireless network plan.  Sort of sad really
-- I mean, we're planning to do the same thing, under a much faster
timeline, and make it available for free to end-users.



Atlanta lays out WiFi plans

BY Brian Robinson
May 3, 2004

Atlanta will offer citywide wireless Internet service within
three years if recently approved plans to build a for-pay network
come to fruition.

The Atlanta city council passed legislation allowing city
officials to go ahead with Atlanta FastPass, the official title
of the city's WiFi initiative.  It will first be established at
city hall and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and then
rolled out to other areas around the city.

Biltmore Communications, the Atlanta service provider that will
build the network and manage the wireless service, already
provides both wired and wireless broadband services in the area
and its wireless hotspots will eventually be integrated into the

Users will be able to opt for a variety of access plans, from day
passes to a monthly subscription. The city also hopes to attract
other service providers through roaming agreements to provide
their customers with access through FastPass.

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