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Sascha Meinrath sascha at ucimc.org
Fri Nov 19 10:23:37 CST 2004

Hi Adam,

> Does your network provide any form of "hot zone" or is it strictly 
> hotspot? I'm working on a paper comparing community vs municipal 
> wireless networks. I've looked at your map and wonder how far from each 
> node someone can get wifi reception.  I do understand interference and 
> LOS issues.

CUWiN is more of a hybrid between the two -- it creates clouds of 
connectivity where-in hot zones can be set up.  The network architecture 
has two levels -- one that communicates between nodes on the network, and 
one (within each node) where end-users connect to the network.  The first 
(internodal) level forms a hot zone, where-in anyone can set up a node and 
thus join the network; but individual end-users would only connect through 
hot-spots, LANs, etc. that are plugged into each node.

Most of the nodes on our map (the map on our site is a bit out of date) 
have Wireless APs, which have a typical range from the node location. 
But the nodes themselves have a much larger range (often hundreds of 
meters) wherein anyone could set up a new node and a new wireless AP and 
get online.


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