[CUWiN] ipv6 connectivity in champaign-urbana ?

Chase Phillips shepard at ameth.org
Sat Aug 6 11:25:52 CDT 2005

On Fri, 5 Aug 2005, David Young wrote:

> What's the low-down on IPv6 in Illinois, or anywhere near to
> Champaign-Urbana "as the packet flies" ?  Soon I will experiment with
> some IPv4 to IPv6 transition technologies, like 6to4.  I am wondering
> how many hops my 6to4 gateway will be from a "native" IPv6 internetwork.
> Does anyone have any experience with IPv6 in C-U?

If you can get onto Internet2 somehow you'll be close to NCSA's network
which might have a subnet or many running IPv6 for experimental purposes.
Seems like a good research opportunity for them, too.

Jon Dugan comes to mind as one possible contact, though I'm not certain
he's still with NCSA.


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